Having lived in the UK all my life, I took the huge step of moving to Brazil with my husband in 2012, at least for the foreseeable future. Ever since arriving, I have wanted to share my experiences with others. Even more importantly, with the 2014 World Cup and upcoming Olympics to be held here, I saw an opportunity to communicate with other English speakers who are interested in visiting the Samba Land, or are lucky enough to live here already.

Why is it called Hypocritique? Well… my husband and I have a love for good food, whether that’s at a world-renowned, michelin-starred restaurant, or a small local cafe specialising in hearty traditional cuisine, we love discovering new places. So he suggested that I write a blog comprised of my own restaurant reviews, an amateur food critic if you will. There is just one problem: I am a fussy eater! Not the fussiest, but fussy nonetheless. In telling him that that would perhaps make me a hypocrite, the idea for this blog was born. Whilst I will indeed critique some restaurants along the way, the focus of this blog will be much broader, which in turn I hope will make for a more stimulating read.

So, whether you are headed to Brazil on business, or are thinking about planning a holiday in Brazil, I hope my blog will give you some insight into the culture, inform you a little in where to go and what to do, and possibly at times, entertain.

And if you are an Expat living in Brazil, perhaps you can help me!


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  1. Decanter, Nectar, Mandala, Cafe com Letras and a few others the names of which I have forgotten are all great little places to discover. I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hi! I’m involved with an organization here in BH called Minas International (www.minasinternational.com). Thought you might be interested for two reasons. First, if you’re interested in meeting other expats and local English speakers, we have lots of events coming up. But secondly, we’re just in the process of revamping our website and we’ve created a “community blog” space to aggregate headlines and excerpts from local bloggers talking about their experience in Minas Gerais, and we’re looking to add to our roster. Would you be interested in being part of it? Feel free to send me a note to jennifer@minasinternational.com with any questions or thoughts.


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