Back with a major brain fart

You know how it is. Every day you think to yourself, ‘I must write something on my blog and see what everyone else is up to’. Full of good intentions. Then  you blink and realise it’s been nearly five months since you wrote anything. No? Maybe it’s just me!

But I’m back! From outer space! Actually nothing that exciting. I would love to tell you that I’ve accomplished major things during my hiatus from blogging/tweeting, but in fact I just don’t know where the time went. I started a new job teaching English to teenagers. I established that only certifiably insane people would take up teaching English to teenagers. And I was lucky enough to explore a bit more of this amazing country: notably Foz do Iguacu and the coast near Sao Miguel dos Milagres in Alagoas, both beautiful places well worth visiting.

I have also been keeping up with the news in Brazil as much as possible. The latest seems to be that none of the six stadiums due to host World Cup matches next year will be ready by their December deadline. I’m sorry, but this is the country where it’s ok to show up for a dinner/party well over an hour late. Who really, hand on heart, thought they would ever be on time? As long as they’re done by June, we’re all good!

So, I’m going to finish my comeback post with something utterly silly. An insight into the workings of a British mind that has been well and truly boiled recently. I was walking along this morning at my usual race-walk pace (I try, I really do try to slow down, especially with all the hills and the heat, but it’s been instilled in me since childhood to walk as fast as I can, blame my mum), behind a true local who was almost walking backwards she was going so slow. And for whatever reason, these two songs popped into my head.

I present to you, the soundtrack for my walking:

And the soundtrack for a brazilian walking (ok i am over-generalising again here, but please take it in jest):

To be honest, I prefer the second song! 🙂


2 responses to “Back with a major brain fart

  1. Hey, I’ve just found your blog and remembered a song called “London, London”, it’s in english, but it was written by a brazilian guy, a very brazilian one actually. Maybe it’s not related to the subject of this particularly post, but you should really research Tropicalismo at internet, you won’t regret. This was a 60s artistic movement, and mostly musical, proposing more universal songs in brazilian culture. I guess many people still don’t have a clue of what was it. These genius people did an amazing job and you should listen, not only to improve your portuguese, also to know a big part of our culture and history – and be delighted.
    Caetano Veloso wrote that song I mentioned in the begining, he was actually living in London, but it was forced to it (it was during the dictatorship government)- he was an important figure in Tropicalismo, and he’s also a brilliant songwriter, a political activist, an native feminist and has a very charming Baiano accent, couldn’t be better.
    I don’t even know if you already knew him or like his music style, but I had to comment this and recommend you his 1967-1972 albuns (you can check them on wikipedia
    Also, I apologise for any terrible english mistakes (I hope they’re not That terrible), but I’m 16 and still have a lot to learn, it could be easier if you were my teacher haha.

    “No canto do cisco, no canto do olho, a menina dança” (Novos Baianos, latest tropicalistas).
    Beijos e desculpa qualquer coisa!

    • Your English is very impressive for a 16 year old! Well done! I know a bit about the history of Caetano Veloso (I share his surname now so people have often told me about him) and it is fascinating. I will look at those links you sent. Thanks!

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