I’m a Brazilian home owner!

I have been out of action for the past week or so, or to be more precise, without an Internet connection, because we have finally moved into our apartment! I wouldn’t say that our struggles are over just yet (see Setting up home in Brazil) but we have a bed, a sofa, a table, a working kitchen, and hopefully soon, a TV so that I can get back to my novela. It feels good to own a property in Brazil, if a little daunting. I don’t know how long we will be living in Brazil, but at least for the next few years, we have a lovely place to call home.

Our weekend was full of the fun things you do when you move house: cleaning, packing, unpacking, spending 3hrs in a supermarket, eating takeaways, arguing etc. And since then, trying to entertain myself without a TV or the Internet has been interesting. What did we do all those years ago?

The supermarket shop was an eye opener. We opted to go to Extra, which is possibly the biggest supermarket I’ve ever seen in my life. Soon after arriving I noticed a young boy, maybe 11 years old, following me and my husband around. When I caught his eye he would be wide-eyed and smiling, like he had seen some strange amusing creature for the first time. Apparently, either I look really weird to him (blonde & pale-skinned is less common in BH) or he had never witnessed a couple speaking in English before. He seemed mesmerised and hours later, when we were paying for our two trollies-worth, he went and asked my husband what my name was. I’m not sure what the fascination was, but I’m always happy to entertain! I feel I can now empathise with animals in the zoo…

I also finally got to buy groceries for myself, and this too was pretty different compared to back home. We bought some salmon, wrapped in a polystyrene tray with cling film, which leaked stinky fish juice all over the bags on the way home. We bought a roll of cling film and when I came to use it, I found it has no box or anything provided to tear a piece off (I find this kind of thing infuriating!). We bought several different types of biscuits I had never tried before – all delicious – and several different brands of pão de queijo, to officially launch my ‘Project Cheese Bread’, ie finding the very best pão de queijo. I am looking forward to that 🙂

One thing that is really great here, is that the supermarkets no longer give out plastic bags for your shopping. You have to bring your own, or buy their reusable bags. I know they have been trying to encourage this in the UK too but with limited success. You do have to be organised though and remember your bags, otherwise fork out for new ones.

One thing we came across in the supermarket that didn’t find its way into my trolley was this – a bag of frozen chicken hearts! I am learning to try new things, but my stomach is just not strong enough for these.

Chicken hearts

Chicken hearts

Now that we’re living on our own again for the first time in nearly a year, we have to remember how to cook! On tonight’s menu, chicken stroganoff. Wish me luck!


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