Can somebody call an ambulance?

Sitting watching Argo at home (fantastic film by the way!) suddenly there is an almighty bang outside. We know that someone has crashed in the road next to our block.

My husband leaps onto the balcony to look. He yells at me to grab the telephone. Then, much to my amazement, he yells at his mum “what’s the phone number for the ambulance?”. Her reply? “I don’t know, let me ask your dad”. His dad took a guess at least, but sadly it was wrong.

Can somebody call an ambulance? Erm, no, apparently not.

Coming from England where there is just one number for all emergency services, drummed into you as a child, I was flabbergasted to think that in an emergency, bystanders might not know what number to call. In a real emergency afterall, every second counts.

Thankfully, the “body” my husband saw lying in the road turned out to be a piece of the motorcycle, and it looked like nobody was injured. I asked my husband what he would’ve done: “call 190, the police”. Well, it’s a start.

I do hope it is only my family that doesn’t know the numbers. I will certainly be putting a post-it on the fridge.

Perhaps it’s time to educate the population? 192 for an ambulance in Brazil. Pass it on!


4 responses to “Can somebody call an ambulance?

  1. DAMN!! I’m in shock, I just realized I had absolutely no idea what the numbers were and I bet neither does my hubby as he has not lived here for the last 10 years (although that doesn’t seem to matter lol). So thank you for this post, I have now put a post it with the numbers on my fridge, and also included the Fire Department which is 193 🙂

    • You’re very welcome CJ, I’m glad it was useful (and just slightly relieved that it wasn’t only us that didn’t know lol). Touch wood we will never need the numbers anyway but it’s better to be on the safe side.

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